"I had two fears going into One- that they'd give me a total fashion makeover that would be outside of my comfort zone. And two - that the recommendations would be outside of my price range. Neither came true. HIRE STYLE worked within my closet to come up with new looks to the clothes I already had. And the purchases they suggested fit comfortably within my budget.

I have a sports jacket that I've owned since the mid-90's. It was actually one of the first items I bought with my first paycheck from my first real job. I haven't worn that jacket in years. After my HIRE STYLE visit, that jacket has new life and is once again a part of my wardrobe. These ladies were able to give new life to clothes I haven't worn in years or never thought of putting together.

HIRE STYLE because they listen, care and have an eye for what looks good. Plus, they're two pretty cool ladies to hang out with for a few hours."

- Gregory, NYC



"Your incredible friendliness and flexibility made me completely at ease.

I gained confidence in my closet, my choices, and I enjoyed meeting old friends in new ways...I especially enjoyed reducing the inventory and thinking about "whole" outfits without being "matchy". Yesterday was Mother's Day, I opened my computer, found an outfit, and went cheerily into the day!"

- Deb, NJ



"As a very busy professional I love that I can send HIRE STYLE cell phone pics when I’m shopping on my own and they get back to me with their expert advice immediately. I count on them to make sure I am no longer wasting hard earned money and time on items that just hang in my closet. They taught me to only purchase pieces I truly LOVE and that work in the wardrobe we have curated together. HIRE STYLE is my go to for special occasions and my everyday looks. All of my colleagues want to know my secret to looking great. But I never tell."

- Kim, NYC



"To feel great it’s a must for me to work out every day. HIRE STYLE completely understood my lifestyle and worked within that reality. Instead of trying to change me and put me in clothes that I can’t wear all the time. We shopped for beautiful and functional workout attire. Now I feel great running errands before or after a workout and even at the gym, I know my clothes are showing off all of the hard work I have put in working out all these years. I know looking more put together while working out has even inspired me to amp up my routine further. When you can see your results you are inspired to do more. They did manage to convince me of a new versatile date night outfit as well. And I’m so glad because I wear it constantly! Fun and easy and I get to look great."

- Jody, NJ 



"My photos! I won’t go anywhere without them. Constant compliments. Especially traveling on business. You packing me up has been so helpful and a complete time saver! Love you girls."

- Tess, NJ



"HIRE STYLE was able to find a beautiful dress for a special summer wedding. They came in under budget and chose the accessories out of my own jewelry box! I feel so confident about how I will look and feel and now I can just enjoy the celebration."

– Edith, NJ



"As mother of the bride I was extremely nervous about what I would wear to my daughter’s wedding. It would be captured forever in photographs and memories and that is a lot of pressure. I never thought of myself as someone who would use a stylist, but I am thrilled that my daughter encouraged me to use HIRE STYLE. Marlene and Tracy preshopped for me with all of my criteria in mind. The day was efficient, successful and fun. I ended up ordering my gown and wrap that day from the very first shop we visited. I am thrilled with the wedding photos and my daughter was so happy too."

- Debbie, NYC



"Finally my husband gave me a gift that I never want to exchange. A Premiere Visit Closet Edit from HIRE STYLE was so refreshing! I feel like I go shopping every morning when I go in my closet. These ladies created over 40 complete outfits for me in 4 hours. The value of a HIRE STYLE service is incredible."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Natalie, NJ


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Tracy Alexander

Founder & Stylist

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Founder & Stylist

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